All prices include 25% vat

Music Mastering Prices:

Free Test Mastering (1 song only) Free

Single Mastering (1 to 4 songs): 500kr/song

EP Mastering (5 to 9 songs): 400kr/song

Album Mastering (over 10 songs): 350kr/song

Stem Mastering (up to 8 stems): 800kr/song

Extra Edit-Instrumental-radio version: 100kr/song

DDP Master for CD duplication: 250kr

Apple Digital Masters – Mastered For iTunes 50kr/song

Vinyl Pre-Master: 50kr/song

Audio Restoration-Repair: Depends on project

Mixing (only for signed artists or record labels): 2000kr/song

Mixing + Mastering: 2500kr/song

We deliver the standard formats in wav 16-44.1kHz and 24-96 and any other format you require

Mastering For TV & Film:

Prices depend on the quality of material and amount of work, but on average we charge from 2500kr per day of work up to 4000kr